Testimonials | C.O.R.E Off Road Events

– Hi Simon the last practice day at Escot was a great day . We are are coming up from Redruth and all looking forward to this one at Twin Oaks


– Thanks for a great day today it was my first Core event and it definitely isn’t my last. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to seeing the pics


– Amazing day at Twin Oaks ……….defo up for going again, thanks for every thing

Joey Webb

– I think that may be the best track I have ever ridden yesterday. Thanks for a great day.

Sam Baker

– Fairplay for yesterday guys. Day was cracking until my clutch went. You and your guys were flat out putting tapes up that were broken. A lot of clubs wouldn’t have bothered. Glad to see some effort going in for the entry fees. Bring on the next one!

Rob Rule

– The best times thanks, I love your free ride days, my step son has come on heaps!  Thanks for letting him ride.  Great value and great fun . I wish the horse riding crowd were as much fun and as friendly . Cheers

Samson Osbourne

– Cheers for an awesome day guys, track was wicked, can’t wait for the next one, new handle bars first though hey lol

Terry Morgan

– Awesome track and location best 1 of the year so far thanks

Jamie Bagnall

– Great day – thank you!!

James Bish

‘Core’ – just bags of fun.

Phil, Devon

“Cracking days riding, thanks to all involved.”

Mark, Taunton.

“One of the best tracks I’ve ridden for a long time.”

Dave, Swindon.

“Thanks to the marshals who recovered my bike from the bottom of the woods, time for a new clutch I think.”

Lewis, Cornwall.

“Thanks to the marshals,paramedics and riders yesterday for helping me out and getting my bike back. I have fractured my collarbone. Was a great track and well organised. Sorry for holding up the next lap!”

David, Charfield.

“Best day on the bike for ages, whens the next one.”

Kerry, South Brent.

“Wet, but great fun, thanks to the organisers for not cancelling like a lot of event organisers seem to do!”

Rich, Devon.

“Sprints are an awesome format.. more please.”

Craig, South Wales.

“Sorry about taking out the timing, great track.”

Steve, Devon.

“Great track, well organised. Came down from Wales for this. Well worth the trip, will be back. Can’t wait for the next one. Top day out, absolutely knackered.”

Gareth, Cardiff.