Junior Championship

We will endeavour to put on as many junior rounds as possible in 2021. However, it is not always easy to plan that too far ahead often due to circumstances beyond our control.  Keep an eye on the ‘Future Events’ listings. Because of this and the knock on effects of the Covid restrictions earlier in the year, any Junior racer that competes in all of the championship rounds in 2021 will automatically have their  lowest scoring round dropped, whether that is due to a poor result or to non attendance.

Trophies for top three in each class will be presented by LP Racing who sponsor the youth race,on the day of race.

Championship points are awarded for each round and published accordingly.
Overall results and trophies will  be awarded at the end of the year.

If we have a practice day after a youth race riders aged 10-15 may participate if they are riding with an entered adult, both parties must wear a blue bib issued by ourselves (£5 deposit required)

Any parents wishing to go trackside must wear a green bib issued by ourselves.

Numbers – any number requests must be done prior to entry closing, if available we will oblige but club members get
priority the rest are on a first come first served basis.


After discussions with riders, our insurers and other clubs, we have decided to make a few key changes to our race classes  for the 2021 race season.

We have added an over 50’s class. This has been requested by numerous riders over the past couple of seasons. They will start on the same line as the Clubman over 40 class.

In addition, after much deliberation and extensive risk assessments the youth 13/15 yr old 125/250f class will now run within the adult races. (13/15 yr olds on 85s  will still run in the youth race). They will not be expected to run the duration of the adult race and their finish flag will be shown after minimum of an hour maximum of 2 hours (detrmined and published in advance dependant on venue and riding conditions). Each adult race they enter will count towards their class in the junior championship for 2021

The Teams class has been dropped for all races apart from our Ironman event. The thinking behind this class was to introduce new riders to racing who maybe considerd  a 3 hour race too daunting. The first couple of events in 2019 had good numbers but they have got less and less since then. It seems as if the idea was successful and most of those team riders now race as individuals so mission accomplished. We may well  revist the idea again in a couple of years time.

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Bike classes:-

Capacity Groups

E1 – 2 stroke up to 125cc, 4 stroke – up to 250cc

E2 – Over 125cc to 250cc two-stroke & Over 250cc to 450cc four-stroke 

E3 – Over 250cc two-stroke & Over 450cc four-stroke

Race numbers – Correct numbers must be displayed on 3 sides of bike.

Correct coloured number backgrounds are also required.

Championship – Red

Exp/exp over 40 – Green

Clubman E1, E2, & E3 – Yellow

Clubman 40 & Over 50s – Blue

Sportsman/Beginner – Black

Juniors 125s & 250 F – Orange

Team – White

Numbers and backgrounds are always available to purchase when signing on for the less well prepared riders.

Thre are currently no plans to run any events with team riders in 2021.

(Team Riders – Must enter the class that relates to the faster rider of the two. Eg. rider a) is Sportsman & rider b) is Clubman, then the team would have to enter as clubman)

Youth Rider Policy

Riders aged 8 – 15 yrs inclusive on 65s, 85 small wheel & 85 big wheel machines can compete in the youth support races which are held prior to some adult races or practice days.
Riders aged 13 – 15 yrs  on 125/150/250F machines can compete in the youth class within the adult race.
Riders aged 16 yrs and above can compete in the most suitable adult class within the adult race for their ability on any size of machine.
Where possible riders in the youth support race can choose their race number if it is available.
Any junior riders within the adult race will be allocated a race number unless they are a CORE Club member with a race number allocated to them for the season.
Youth riders in the support race no restrictions.
Youth riders 13 – 15 yrs within the adult race will use a fluro orange backgrounds. Ideally all 3 sides but front number board only is sufficient.
Youth riders aged 16 -17 yrs will use the correct colour background for their class.     CLICK HERE
Practice days
Youth riders aged 10 – 15 yrs inclusive, riding 65s, 85 small wheel & 85 big wheel machines are permitted to ride within the adult practice day if accompanied by an adult rider, both youth and adult will wear a blue bib, available from control tent (£5.00 deposit)
Youth riders aged 13 – 15 yrs on 125/150/250F machines are permitted to ride within the adult practice day unaccompanied and wearing a blue bib, if deemed competent by accompanying parent. Their parent or guardian will be required to sign a declaration stating that in their opinion their child is of a sufficient riding standard to be out on track with adults. However this can be over ridden by the clerk of the course at any time if riding standards are deemed below a safe standard.



Helmets – Gold ACU Stickers

We have had an increasing number of new, branded helmets, failing scrutineering for our events because they do not have the gold ACU sticker on them. You know they are good quality safe helmets, as do we, but without the stricker we cannot let you ride. The reason being that if you then had a bad accident resulting in a head injury, and your “no win no fee” solicitor then tries to get you some “free money” by saying we are to blame for your accident, we would not have a leg to stand on in a court room. We don’t want to stop anyone from riding our events, but in these days of everyone trying to always hold someone responsible when an “accident” occurs, we have to cover ourselves.

This should actually be the case at any commercially run event that you enter.

The problem is only going to get worse as we all look around for cheap deals on helmets. The gold stickers are applied by the UK importer/distributor and not by the helmet manufacturer. Therefore if you purchase your helmet from a non UK website there is a good chance it will arrive without the relevant sticker applied. Your options then are to either send your helmet to the ACU with £15.00 and they will then apply the sticker and return it to you (pretty quick turnaround when I had to do it a couple of years back), or the sticker can be obtained from and applied by an FIM certified technical official.

So be aware you must have the gold ACU sticker on your helmet to pass through scrutineering at any of our race or practice days.



Signing On Info:

*Download, print and complete the Day Licence application form (unless you already have an annual licence) and bring it with you. HERE

*Have details of your next of kin at the ready, as opposed to fishing around in your pocket (or going back to the van!) to find contact number

*Have your  IOPD licence out ready when you sign on. Your annual licence or an online receipt will be required. If not then you will need to purchase a day licence to ride.

*Under 18’s – Download, print off, & complete the online form HERE

Also, all members that need to collect race licences, race shirts, gilets, please come back once your race has finished. There will not be time to organise this in the midst of signing on.

LP Racing parts van will be on site on the day and at all of our events this year. They are also kindly sponsoring trophies for our youth series.