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IMPORTANT – Race Licences

The IOPD have informed us that they wil no longer accept licences from any other governing bodies at IOPD sanctioned events. Up until now, as an ACU affiliated club we have always accepted both IOPD and ACU licences, this will now no longer be possible.

We realise for those of you that have purchased an ACU licence this could be a bit of a pain but it is beyond our control and we have to adhere to this new ruling moving forwards in 2021.

Any rider that turns up to a CORE race without an IOPD race licence will have to purchase one in order to be allowed to race (either a day or an annual licence)

No licence is required to ride a practice day this only applies to races.


2021 Class Changes


After discussions between ourselves, riders, insurers and other clubs, we have decided to make a few key changes to our race classes  for the 2021 race season.

We have added an over 50 class. This has been requested by numerous riders over the past couple of seasons. They will start on the same line as the Clubman over 40 class.

In addition, after much deliberation and extensive risk assessments the youth 13/15 yr old 125/250f class will now run within the adult races. (13/15 yr olds on 85s  will still run in the youth race). They will not be expected to run the duration of the adult race and their finish flag will be shown after minimum of an hour maximum of 2 hours (detrmined and published in advance dependant on venue and riding conditions)
The Teams class has been dropped for all races apart from our Ironman event. The thinking behind this class was to introduce new riders to racing who maybe considerd  a 3 hour race too daunting. The first couple of events in 2019 had good numbers but they have got less and less since then. It seems as if the idea was successful and most of those team riders now race as individuals so mission accomplished. We may well  revist the idea again in a couple of years time.

These are now our race classes and starting order:-

Adult races



Expert over 40

Clubman E1

Clubman E2

Clubman E3

Clubman over 40/over 50


Youth 125/250f 13-15 yrs


Youth races (ages 8 – 15)

65 s

85 Small wheel

85 Big wheel


Latest Coronavirus Update


Due to the ongoing lockdown we currently have no idea when we can next run an event. Keep an eye on the events page and/or CORE Facebook page for updates.

We felt that going into late February or even March makes no sense as a time to finish the 2020 Championships and so the final positions will have to be awarded on the three events that we were able to run last year.

We only ran two Junior Races in 2020, consequently there are no championship results.

We did our best, but trying to run  full Championships in the midst of a pandemic has proven a little tricky to say the least.

Consequently the 2020 adult Championship trophies will be available for collection at the next event we are able to run.

Final 2020 Championship positions for all adult classes HERE


Day in the Dirt Twin Oaks – Dec 2020

Pics from Dark Fairy Photography HERE

IOPD Annual Race Licences.

In view of the hassle, aggravation, missed events, cancellations and postponements of events during 2020, the IOPD have generously decided that any rider that has an existing 2020 annual licence will not need to apply for a licnce in 2021. The existing 2020 licence will be valid for the whole of 2021.



All 2021 dates and venues now finalised. 3 new great venues secured. Adult and Juniors Championships all ready to go, starting March 2021.
Our annual Ashcombe 4 hour Ironman event has a change of venue and will be run at Thorncombe next year.










NEW FOR 2020 – Junior Enduro Championship

This year we are running a 4 round junior enduro championship for children aged 8 to 15.

Classes are:-


85 small wheel

85cc big wheel


Points will be awarded for the top 15 finishers in each race. All four rounds will count towards the championship final placings.

There will be top 3 trophies awarded at each round as well as top 3 final championship trophies to be presented at the end of the championship.

Each rider must provide an adult to marshal at each event, who can be a static marshal or a riding marshal. All to wear green high viz tops which will be provided.

The provisional dates & venues are:-

17 May – Twin Oaks

9 August – Nower Farm

6 September – Rifton Barton

25 October – Little Silver

Each race will be held before an open practice day or before the track opens for an adult race. This means the kids are racing on a track that has not been chewed up by the adults first. Also if the race is on a practice day after the race any riders aged 10 or above are welcome to ride for the rest of the day with no extra charge.

Races will be between 1 and 1 1/2 hours in duration.

The championship is sponsored by LP Racing (normally present at our events with the parts van) who are kindly providing all of the trophies.



CORE 2020 Championship

Points will be awarded for the top 15 finishers in each class and your top 4 of the 5 events will score (meaning you can miss one round or drop your worst score if you race all 5. Double points up for grabs at the final round

Classes this year will again mirror the SW enduro championship to show continuity across all rounds.



Expert over 40

Clubman e1 (up to 125 2 stroke and 250 4 stroke)

Clubman e2, (up to 250 2 stroke and 450 four stroke)

Clubman e3, (over 250 2 stroke and over 450 4 stroke)

Clubman over 40,


In addition, this year we are again running a 2 man team class.

Our Championship is once again sponsored by The Dave Thorpe Honda Offroad Centre

DTHORC are headed by 4 x World Motocross Champion, Dave Thorpe.

The DTHORC offer high quality off-road training days for all levels of rider from beginner to championship level.

DTHORC are sponsoring all 9 classes of our 5 round 2019 CORE Enduro Championship, providing trophies for all podium finishers in the championship in all classes.


Day in the Dirt Crediton

Pics from Bob Ward HERE

Day in the Dirt – Twin oaks Farm

Pics from Bob Ward HERE

Day in the Dirt – Crediton Moto X Park

Pics from Dark Fairy Photography HERE

Day in the Dirt – Nower Farm 11 Aug 2019

Pics from Bob Ward HERE

Pics from Dark Fairy Photography HERE

Day in the Dirt – Twin Oaks Farm 19 May 2019

Pics from Bob Ward HERE

DTHORC new logo no background copy









Wildwoods Farm Day in the Dirt 3 March 2019

Pics from Bob Ward here

Ashcombe Ironman – 17 Feb 2019

pics from Bob Ward here

pics from John Bailey here

Crediton Day in the Dirt – 29 Dec 2018

pics from Bob Ward here

Crediton Day in the Dirt – 4 Nov 2018

Pics from Bob Ward here


Nower Farm Day in the Dirt – 12 August 2018

Some shots in the rain and the mist from Bob Ward


Ashcombe Day in the Dirt 20 May 2018

Some great shots from a great day.




Wildwoods Farm – Day in the Dirt 1 April 2018

Great turn out, so lucky with the weather. Such a shame a minority of riders seemed unable to stay off the crop fields potentially jeopardising future use of this great venue!

Some great shots here from Bob Ward – Pictures



South West Enduro Championship 2019

The South West Enduro championship is now up and running with all dates and venues published. Keep an eye on their new website for any changes to dates or venues and on our news page.







Crediton Day in the dirt – 30 December 2017

Yet again a mega event fully subscribed. Forecast was terrible for the day but yet again we seemed to fluke it with the rain arriving just as we left the circuit and not a drop fell all day! Lot of tired muddy but smiling faces at the end of the day and a good time had by all!

Sadly Bob Ward our regular photographer was not well and unable to attend. But sure there will be plenty of people posting pics up on Facebook as usual.

As always, a massive thanks to all our marshals who worked long and hard to make the event happen.


Crediton Day in the dirt. 5 Nov 2017

Wow! What a day. Where did everyone come from? Overwhelmed by the amount of day entries. Thanks so much to everyone for their patience with the signing on queue which was massive and apologies to the riders that didn’t manage to get a ride, but we can’t just keep taking entries once we reach our maximum. We have to risk assess every event we run and we have maximum numbers that are considered safe to be on track at anyone time. Once we reach that figure we have to say no more. When the pre entry had closed on Friday evening it clearly stated on the website – there will be ‘some’ day entries available. Without a crystal ball there is no other way of managing the day entry situation.

Thanks so much to the marshals (especially Cedric and his gang for sitting at their marshal points on the MX track for six hours!). These events could not run without you all and everyones help is always very much appreciated.

Pics from the event, from Bob Ward,  here


23172676_706009959605250_3040408335789315777_n 23231154_706009896271923_9222007186741417789_n




Provisional dates for all Core Events in 2018 are now on the future events page



Twin Oaks, Day in the Dirt – 1 October

Another great day and what a fluke with the weather. Fine and dry first thing and the drizzle didnt hit us until around 2.30 and considering the forecast we got off very lightly. Great attendance, with all levels of riders. The hard routes proved tricky for some but as always there was always an easy option for those that wanted one. This was the longest track yet that we have put in at Twin Oaks and appeared to be well received by all. No real injuries so boring day for the medics!

Pics from the day are here courtesy of Collette Blight photography

Helmets – Gold ACU Stickers

We have had an increasing number of new, branded helmets, failing scrutineering for our events because they do not have the gold ACU sticker on them. You know they are good quality safe helmets, as do we, but without the stricker we cannot let you ride. The reason being that if you then had a bad accident resulting in a head injury, and your “no win no fee” solicitor then tries to get you some “free money” by saying we are to blame for your accident, we would not have a leg to stand on in a court room. We don’t want to stop anyone from riding our events, but in these days of everyone trying to always hold someone responsible when an “accident” occurs, we have to cover ourselves.

This should actually be the case at any commercially run event that you enter.

The problem is only going to get worse as we all look around for cheap deals on helmets. The gold stickers are applied by the UK importer/distributor and not by the helmet manufacturer. Therefore if you purchase your helmet from a non UK website there is a good chance it will arrive without the relevant sticker applied. Your options then are to either send your helmet to the ACU with £15.00 and they will then apply the sticker and return it to you (pretty quick turnaround when I had to do it a couple of years back), or the sticker can be obtained from and applied by an FIM certified technical official.

So be aware you must have the gold ACU sticker on your helmet to pass through scrutineering at any of our race or practice days.




 Combe Florey – Day in the Dirt – 3 September

Well that was a wet one! Great day had by those that came out and braved possibly some of the worst weather conditions of this summer. Track held up well although getting pretty slippery in places. The optional timed special test once again proved popular and many riders tried again and again to better their previous lap times or those of their riding buddies. Combe Down Farm proved to be a great venue and we will definitely be returning again in 2018. Bob Ward braved the conditions to once again get some excellent shots of the action throughout the day.

Pics here

Our thanks, as always, go out to our hardcore band of marshals without whom none of these events could run.




Lurley – Day in the Dirt – 13 August

Cracking event on Sunday with a great turn out, great weather and no injuries and a lot of tired but smiling faces by the end of the day. Bob Wards pics are here

The timed special test once again proved very popular with riders queing up most of the day to have ‘one more try’ to  beat their best time, or their riding buddies best time.

Dan Mundell – ISDE

As many of you will already know Core club rider and upcoming local hero ‘Dan Mundell’ has been selected to represent Great Britain at the ISDE in France this year. Whereas this is a great honour and achievement it doesn’t come without a large financial cost – literally thousands.

We decided to work with Dan to help make this happen, so our practice day at Lurley on the 13 August  included a couple of fundraising elements to help him on his way. The generosity of our riders was great with many buying raffle tickets, purchasing some of Dans part worn race tyres (at great prices) and numerous riders just wanting to donate money into the pot to help Dan on his way. We raised the best part of £400.00 on the day.

The amount of time, dedication, effort and financial commitment it takes to get to the upper level in any sport is immense and for Dan to achieve what he has so far is impressive. It’s a shame some of the Facebook heroes out there are unable to appreciate this.

However, the Core team are, and are all glad to have been able to help him on his way.


Event Cancelled

Apologies, but our event planned for the 22 October has been cancelled due to a date clash with another event organiser. We do our best to not clash with other events whenever we can (not always possible). Date clashes are not good for us, other event organisers or more importantly the riders.

There are no other suitable dates in October and therefore we will not be running an event in October this year.


For 2017 Track Times now require all riders to purchase their own transponder cage. These cost £10.00 each, payable direct to Track Times (in cash) when you pick up your transponder on race day. It is a one off purchase that can be reused at any events that you use Track Times transponders.


Ashcombe Day in the Dirt – 7 May

Another cracking day with perfect weather and conditions. Some excellent photos from Bob Ward here

Ramsey Farm – Practice Day 26 March

Great day had by all. So lucky with the weather! Enduro track ran well with something for all riders. The hard loop proved popular early on but seemed to scare a few off as come the end only the expert level riders seemed to be atempting the steep tricky descent.

The special test in the stubble field proved to be a hit, with many riders coming back time and again to try and beat either their own best time, or that of their riding buddies. As always thanks go out to the Core marshals and helpers without whom these events would not be possible.

Selection of photos from Bob Ward here

Ramsey Farm – Practice Day 26 March Track Preview

Here’s a quick video of the new track at Ramsey Farm on Sunday – not including the hard route down through the woods as the skilled rider doing the filming had no front brake and it was very steep and slippery.

As you can see we had some heavy rain this morning but the ground here drains really well so if we have the dry few days and weekend we are forecast most of the wet will be gone.

See video here

Crediton Raceway Day in the Dirt 26 February

Another cracking day at Crediton Raceway. Weather was kind to us, attendance was great again, MX track well prepped and dry and enduro loop proved popular yet again even with some of the hard core MX riders.

As always, our thanks must go out to our great team of marshals, without whom we could not put on these events. Their efforts are always greatly appreciated.

Here are some excellent photos from Bob Ward capturing some of the fun and action of the day

pics here

more here

Crediton Raceway Day in the Dirt 27 December

Pics here


All our 2017 provisional dates are now published on the Future Events Page. The venues and types of events will be added over the next couple of weeks as we await replies from our landowners.

Entry is now fully subscribed, please message if you wish to  be added to the reserve list


 Crediton Raceway – 27 December

The MX track will run as normal in 20 minute sessions with four groups.
Mx A
Mx B
Youths aged 10-15

In addition to this, there will be a separate enduro/stubblecross track.  This will be run as an open pit format so you can ride as much or as little as you like.  It will not be linked to the MX track. It will run on the surrounding farm land and will incorporate some optional man made obstacles, including logs, tractor tyres and jumps. As well as fast stubble fields, some woodland,  and an old sunken stream bed.

This has surely got to be one of the best value days riding around, as we are keeping the price the same as a normal Moto x practice day, whilst giving you the option to ride all day on the enduro loop. Ride either or both! Enduro riders can have a crack on the Moto X track (with the option to ride around the bigger jumps) and the Moto X riders can have a go at a bit of enduro riding between their Moto X sessions. Should make for a cracking days riding with something for everyone.

£25 in advance, £30 on the day.

Core 2016 Offroad Championship trophies (top 3 in each class) and tyres (winners of each class) are available for collection at this event.


Nower Farm – 11 December

What a great day, cracking new venue, fantastic turn out and loads of happy faces.

Thanks for your patience towing in/out but unfortunately that becomes part of riding/running enduro events in December !!

As usual thanks go out to our crack team of marshalls, medics, catering and everyone else behind the scenes, without you all this would not be possible.

Special thanks today goes to Lewis Gigg and the landowner for tirelessly towing vehicles out (and in for some). Last vehicle was towed out at 5.35!

Not sure why but our pickup is making some funny noises now.

Oh and thanks to Richard Strawbridge for not killing anyone with his flat out, jack knifed disco/trailer routine on the way in!

Pics here

Twin Oaks – Hare & Hounds – 2 October

What a superb days racing at Twin Oaks. The weather was perfect and the track dried out quickly.

It was nice to see such a big turn out, especially with four other local dirt bike events on. Nice to see all our hard work is appreciated by a great bunch of riders.

A massive thanks as always goes out to our superb and ever growing team of marshals, who do a fantastic job of keeping you all safe, prepping and clearing the track and much more. Also thanks to the medical staff (who were kept busy!) and to Lovefood for the excellent catering as always.

Last, and far from least is a huge thankyou to the landowner for allowing us to use this stunning venue.

Results are here

Championship standings for 2016 will be published later in the week along with the trophy winners for top 3 in each class. Trophies will be available  for collection at our practice day on 6th November at Crediton, where we will use the full MX track along with the enduro circuit. Should be a cracking day.

Ashcombe Day in the Dirt – Sept 11

Great day in Ashcombe woods on Sunday. Sunshine, good track, happy riders, no real injuries and a great turn out. Thanks to all who made the effort to attend the event and we trust everyone enjoyed it. Day ran smoothly as always thanks primarily to the efforts of the Core marshals. Got some great pics from Bob Ward here

Enduro Training Day

An excellent day was had by all on Saturday. Thanks to Jamie and Chris Paget and Dan and Ian Mundell for the effort they put in to running a mega day for us and the riders. Couple of broken bikes and a slightly broken rider didn’t distract from a fun and informative day in the woods at Ashcombe. The BBQ at lunch time seemed to be much appreciated by all.

Pics here

If you fancy an excellent days riding, tuition and bike set up information with a top notch team, then keep an eye on the website for details of the next one later in the year.

Enduro Training Day Level 1

After the success of the Core training day Jamie ran for us in February aided by Dan, we are now offering a second chance to attend another day of top quality enduro training. This will be held on Saturday 30 July at our Ashcombe venue. We are offering a maximum of 16 riders the opportunity to receive Enduro training from “local legend” Jamie Paget helped out by ’upcoming hero’ Dan Mundell.

The session will include bike set up and prep, suspension tweaking and sag settings assisted by Chris Paget and Ian Mundell who have both spannered for Jamie and Dan at top level. The main focus will of course be on the riding, you will get the opportunity to ride at the fabulous Ashcombe venue (although not on the following days track) and receive advice and coaching on various aspects of enduro riding. Jamie and Dan will assess your technique and offer help and tips to improve your riding wherever he can.

Both Jamie and Dan have a wealth of riding knowledge and expertise to share, and have proved to be excellent riding mentors. At times the group will be split into two (dependant on ability) with Jamie taking one group and Dan the other.

The day will run from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm with breaks for lunch, and refreshments morning and afternoon. The level 1 training is aimed at Sportsman and Clubman level riders, however it is open to any who wish to brush up on their skills.

Entry is on a first come first served basis, payment of £70.00 can be made by paypal, cash or cheque. Your place is only secured once payment has been received. Included in the price is a BBQ lunch and refreshments during the day.


Jamie Pagets Riding Pedigree

 2004 Clubman British Enduro Championship – runner up

2005 Fast Eddy Cross Country Clubman champion

British Enduro ACU under 23 elite training squad member

2005 Clubman British Enduro Champion

2007 Expert British Enduro Champion

2008 ISDE Silver Medalist for Team Great Britain in Greece

2009 Championship E3 Enduro British champion

2009 ISDE Silver Medalist for Team Great Britain in Portugal

2011 Cornwall Motocross Championship – runner up

2012 Cornwall Motocross Champion

Plus multiple top ten class finishes in European Enduro Championships and top 30 and top 40 finishes in the Weston Beach Race

Currently leading the Core 2016 Championship


Dan Mundells Riding Pedigree

 5 Times South West schoolboy MX Champ

Numerous podium finishes at national Moto X events

Clubman British Enduro Champion outright and in class at just 16 years old on first attempt

GBXC Sprint Champion 2015 at just 16

Currently running at the sharp end of Expert British Enduro Championship and ACU British Sprint Championship

Expert E1 winner at 2016 welsh 2 day




Bratton Enduro X – 22 May

We had a great days racing at the weekend and after some early morning drizzle the sun shone on us for races two and three. Apologies that the track was not as we had planned it. We spent four days cutting in new lines and making an interesting and challenging track and avoiding the worst of the well worn beaten up Bratton firetracks. At 6.00 pm on the Saturday evening (after the course was completed) we had a phone call from the land owner telling us he wanted us to cut out all the new bits we had added and change the whole track back again. After a stressful Saturday evening and very early start on Sunday we manged to have a track in placxe just in time for the event. It all worked ok but it was definitely not as we had originally set it out.  Anyway, it was what it was, and all went well with some great racing in all classes. Got to feel for Jack Twentyman who was putting on an awesome display of fast riding winning both of the first two races and then succumbing to a mechanical in the third which cost him the overall win.

Pics here


Apologies – date change

We had a Hare & Hounds event scheduled to run 11 September at Bratton Court. We have decided to cancel this, as whenever possible we try not to clash with rounds of the South West Enduro Championship who are running at Wolborough Barton on that date (always a great event, well worth entering). We hope to have more dates published here in the next few days.

Escot Park – Day in the Dirt – 8 May

The weather was kind to us yet again with another great well attended practice day at Escot. The track was well recieved by all and the optional hard route choices were challenging for some and loved by others. Thanks to the marshals and medics for looking after everyone and keeping the 6 hours of track time running smoothly. Thanks also to Aaron and his team from Surf & Turf catering who stood in for Lovefood (our normal caterers) who were unable to attend this time.

Pics here

Twin Oaks Practice Day – 17 April

An excellent day was had by all. Great weather, great turn out, and by all the positive feed back we received, seems like it was a great track too.

View pics:  here   and here   and here


Lurley Enduro Sprint – 20 March

An excellent days racing had by all. Track was perfect, everyone seemed to  love both it and the new format. The dual start system worked really well and added an extra element of excitement to the races as each rider was paired up with a rider with the closest lap time to their own from the previous lap. Some fast and furious racing resulted.

Congratulations to Jamie Padget for taking the overall win from Keelan Hancock (just!). Only 4.6 seconds seperated them, after 9 laps of pretty intense racing. They put on a great show!

An even closer finish in the Sportsman class with Marc Hockin taking the win from Tom Ross in another hard fought battle. The two of them finally only seperated by a few hundredths of a second at the flag!

Clubman over 40s saw Stumpy take the overall with Rob Richards and Michael Harlow following him home for 2nd and 3rd.

Clubman class also pretty close with James Kiff, Sam Wilso and Nick Gulliver taking the 1 2 3 split by just over a minute and a half after 9 pretty intense laps of racing.

Mike Rowe took the expert win from Julian Oakes and Darren Kiff and with only three entrants in the over 40s experts Jeremy Box, Jim Browning and Chris Doidge each managed to get themselves into podium positions.

(All details on results page)

Photos Here

And Here


Should be another excellent video up on the video page  from GR Media within the next day or two.



Trophies for collection

We still have a few unclaimed trophies from the Weston Enduro Sprint and plenty from the Ashcombe Ironman. These can be collected from our next event.

Awards for top three in class, solo and teams.



Enduro Training Level 1 on Sat 13 Feb now full.   Keep an eye on this page for details of our next training day.


Enduro training – Level 1.

On Saturday 13th February at our Ashcombe venue we are offering a maximum of ten riders the opportunity to receive an Enduro training session from local legend ‘Jamie Paget’.
The session will include bike set up and prep, suspension tweaking and sag settings. The main focus will of course be on the riding, you will get the opportunity to ride on the following days race circuit and receive advice and coaching on various aspects of Enduro. Jamie will assess your technique and offer help and tips to improve your riding wherever he can.

I’m sure most of you will know Jamie’s pedigree but for those who don’t here is a brief list of his accomplishments.

2004 Clubman British Enduro Championship – runner up
2005 Fast Eddy Cross Country Clubman champion,
British Enduro ACU under 23 elite training squad member
2005 Clubman british enduro champion,
2007 Expert British Enduro Champion,
2008 ISDE Silver Medalist for Team Great Britain in Greece,
2009 Championship E3 Enduro British champion,
2009 ISDE Silver Medalist for Team Great Britain in Portugal,
2011 Cornwall Motocross Championship -runner up,
2012 Cornwall Motocross Champion,
Plus multiple top ten class finishes in European Enduro championships and top 30 and top 40 finishes in the Weston Beach Race.

The day will run from 10am-3pm with a couple of short refreshment breaks.

The level 1 training is based at Sportsman and Clubman riders however it is open to all who wish to brush up on their skills.

Entry is on a first come first served basis, payment of £70.00 to be made by paypal,cash or cheque.- your place isn’t secured until payment is received.



– We are going to start the enduro year with a 4 round enduro championship with a difference.

Four enduro events – Four different formats!
(3 out of 4 rounds count ie. you will drop your worst result or you can miss a round without losing out). The first round is on 14 Feb so why not spend Valentines day with the one you really love?

Round 1 – 14th Feb – Ashcombe 4hr Individual Iron Man Hare & Hounds or 2 man teams

Round 2 – 20th March – Lurley – Enduro Dual Sprint with man on man starts

Round 3 – 22nd May – Bratton – Enduro X. 3 x 45 min races

Round 4 – 2 October – Twin Oaks – 2 1/2 hr Hare & Hounds




Our 2016 Core membership package is now available. If you intend riding Core events in 2016 and certainly if you intend racing, then joining is great value. Check it out on the membership page. Anyone who joins before the end of December will also receive a free Core T shirt.

– Two great new videos from our last event now available to view on the video page.