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Here we go again, the 2020 season with CORE begins here.
As always we are kicking off by chucking you in at the deep-end with the 4 hour iron man or 2 man team hare n hounds at the fabulous Ashcombe woods.This venue is awesome and can run in any weather partly due to the hard standing parking which helps a lot.  It offers tight single track, steep climbs, wicked drops, stream beds, fire breaks, logs and ditches to test the durability of riders and bikes .

Classes this year will again mirror the SW Enduro Championship to show continuity across all rounds, although this event is stand alone and doesn’t count towards either the CORE Enduro Championship or the SW Enduro Championship.


*If riding in the over 40’s team class, both riders need to be over 40 on day of race.

*Clubman team riders need to enter the class that relates to the biggest bike of the two. eg Rider 1 has a 250 4T, & Rider 2 has a 300 2T, then correct class to enter would be E3


Transponders are included in the price, 1 per solo/team and worn on the right wrist.

Due to the huge response we have had lately we have had to cap event entries on a few occasions and the season opener is always very popular, so we urge you to get pre entered to avoid disappointment.

**when entering a team please click on second hyperlink within the entry form.

LP Racing parts van will be on site on the day and at all of our events this year. They are also kindly sponsoring trophies for our youth series.

Camping available on the Saturday night.





PLEASE NOTE – Riders that enter but d0 not make payment will have their entries deleted. We are getting tired of riders entering our events and then deciding not to come on the day because it’s raining! When an event sells out it is not fair on other riders who are then unable to secure a place. We had a total of 22 riders do this to us at Little Silver back in November when those places could have been taken by the first 22 riders on our waiting list. Selfish!



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Helmets – Gold ACU Stickers

We have had an increasing number of new, branded helmets, failing scrutineering for our events because they do not have the gold ACU sticker on them. You know they are good quality safe helmets, as do we, but without the stricker we cannot let you ride. The reason being that if you then had a bad accident resulting in a head injury, and your “no win no fee” solicitor then tries to get you some “free money” by saying we are to blame for your accident, we would not have a leg to stand on in a court room. We don’t want to stop anyone from riding our events, but in these days of everyone trying to always hold someone responsible when an “accident” occurs, we have to cover ourselves.

This should actually be the case at any commercially run event that you enter.

The problem is only going to get worse as we all look around for cheap deals on helmets. The gold stickers are applied by the UK importer/distributor and not by the helmet manufacturer. Therefore if you purchase your helmet from a non UK website there is a good chance it will arrive without the relevant sticker applied. Your options then are to either send your helmet to the ACU with £15.00 and they will then apply the sticker and return it to you (pretty quick turnaround when I had to do it a couple of years back), or the sticker can be obtained from and applied by an FIM certified technical official.

So be aware you must have the gold ACU sticker on your helmet to pass through scrutineering at any of our race or practice days.