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EVENT FULL (No Day Entries)

Final Instructions

There are numerous special measures in place at this event in order to comply with Government guidelines. They are to help keep everyone safe from becoming infected with or spreading the Covid-19 virus and must be strictly adhered to. Anyone not happy to abide by these rules please do not attend this event.

You are advised to travel to and from the event on your own unless travelling with members of your own household. Do not attend if displaying any symptoms or if you have been in contact with anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 – follow government shielding advice. All riders are advised to bring a mask and their own hand sanitiser.

You must have your face covered whilst signing on and when at the control and transponder tents.

The postcode for the venue is TA20 4PN, signed from Hawkchurch resorts and spa’ EX13 5UL

Signing on:

From 8.00 am

Is from within your vehicle – Do not forget your entry form. You will be issued with a self adhesive band which you must attach to the chin piece of your helmet, not on your bike or wrist.

Stay in your vehicle until after you have signed on and parked where directed.

Once parked proceed to control tent, with your crash helmet with the band attached, for licence check (a day licence can be purchased on the day for £12.00) and then move on to collect your transponder.


You must arrive with a completed entry form. Click on link and print.

If need a day licence you also need to bring a completed licence form. Click on link and print. Please bring the correct money (£12.00).

If you have a licence you must bring this with you, if not, you will need to purchase a day licence.

Machine check. – due to covid-19 restrictions it is now your responsibility to ensure your machine is fit to race in order that you don’t cause yourself or another rider unnecessary harm.  We will however be performing a cursory check on the start line, so make sure it is right or you wont be racing. Numbers must be displayed on all 3 sides of your bike and all riders must have the correct coloured number background on the front of your bike and again this will be checked on the start line.

Championship                        –         RED

Expert & Exp over 40            –        GREEN

Clubman E1, E2, E3               –        YELLOW

Clubman Over 40                   –        BLUE

Sportsman/beginner             –        BLACK

Team Riders                            –        White

Numbers and backgrounds are available to purchase at the control tent for the less organised rider.

Spectators are not permitted, other than one family member or mechanic arriving in same vehicle.

Stay a minimum of 2 m from all CORE staff, medics, catering staff and other riders at all times where possible.

Whilst queuing for toilets, catering van or control tent, strict 2 m social distancing must be observed.

Maximum permitted social group size anywhere on site is 6. All riders and guests to remain in their own parking areas at all times unless on track, using the toilets or visiting the catering van. No groups greater than 6 permitted to gather.

No roaming or access into other peoples paddock areas/ this will be monitored.


The main area of concern for potential infection transmission are the toilets.

Use the hand sanitiser provided before and after using the toilets.

We are not accepting any changes, roll overs or submissions at this late stage and there are no day entries available.

Event entry form – HERE

Day licence application form – HERE




All riders will receive an email with their specified arrival time





Helmets – Gold ACU Stickers

We have had an increasing number of new, branded helmets, failing scrutineering for our events because they do not have the gold ACU sticker on them. You know they are good quality safe helmets, as do we, but without the stricker we cannot let you ride. The reason being that if you then had a bad accident resulting in a head injury, and your “no win no fee” solicitor then tries to get you some “free money” by saying we are to blame for your accident, we would not have a leg to stand on in a court room. We don’t want to stop anyone from riding our events, but in these days of everyone trying to always hold someone responsible when an “accident” occurs, we have to cover ourselves.

This should actually be the case at any commercially run event that you enter.

The problem is only going to get worse as we all look around for cheap deals on helmets. The gold stickers are applied by the UK importer/distributor and not by the helmet manufacturer. Therefore if you purchase your helmet from a non UK website there is a good chance it will arrive without the relevant sticker applied. Your options then are to either send your helmet to the ACU with £15.00 and they will then apply the sticker and return it to you (pretty quick turnaround when I had to do it a couple of years back), or the sticker can be obtained from and applied by an FIM certified technical official.

So be aware you must have the gold ACU sticker on your helmet to pass through scrutineering at any of our race or practice days.