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As a result of the latest government announcement and the new lockdown, this event will now obviously not be possible. We feel that going into late February or even March makes no sense as a time to finish the 2020 Championships and so the final positions will have to be awarded on the three events that we were able to run.

We only ran two Junior Races in 2020, consequently there are no championship results.

We did our best, but trying to run full Championships in the midst of a pandemic has proven a little tricky to say the least.

Consequently the 2020 adult Championship trophies will be available for collection at the next event we are able to run.

Final 2020 Championship positions for all adult classes HERE







Helmets – Gold ACU Stickers

We have had an increasing number of new, branded helmets, failing scrutineering for our events because they do not have the gold ACU sticker on them. You know they are good quality safe helmets, as do we, but without the stricker we cannot let you ride. The reason being that if you then had a bad accident resulting in a head injury, and your “no win no fee” solicitor then tries to get you some “free money” by saying we are to blame for your accident, we would not have a leg to stand on in a court room. We don’t want to stop anyone from riding our events, but in these days of everyone trying to always hold someone responsible when an “accident” occurs, we have to cover ourselves.

This should actually be the case at any commercially run event that you enter.

The problem is only going to get worse as we all look around for cheap deals on helmets. The gold stickers are applied by the UK importer/distributor and not by the helmet manufacturer. Therefore if you purchase your helmet from a non UK website there is a good chance it will arrive without the relevant sticker applied. Your options then are to either send your helmet to the ACU with £15.00 and they will then apply the sticker and return it to you (pretty quick turnaround when I had to do it a couple of years back), or the sticker can be obtained from and applied by an FIM certified technical official.

So be aware you must have the gold ACU sticker on your helmet to pass through scrutineering at any of our race or practice days.