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Huntsham Junior Hare & Hounds Race – Round 1 2021 Championship


85 Small Wheel – RESULTS

85 Big Wheel – RESULTS

Junior Race photos HERE from Bob Ward

Practice Day photos HERE from Bob Ward

Practice Day Photos from Dark Fairy Photography HERE

Junior Race Photos from Dark Fairy Photography HERE


Crediton Raceway, Enduro X . Round 3 2020 Championship

Results HERE

Photos HERE from Bob Ward

Photos HERE from Dark Fairy Photography


Junior Results 2020

Wildwoods Farm – Rnd 1 Junior Championship 2020 – Sept 27 2020

Results HERE

Crediton Raceway – Rnd 2 Junior Championship 2020 – Oct 18 2020

Results HERE


Twin oaks – Round 2 2020 Championship

Results HERE

Thorncombe – Round 1 2020 Championship

Results (overall) HERE

Results (by class) HERE

Photos HERE from Bob Ward

Photos HERE – from Hana Rose Photography

Photos HERE from Wizards Images



We think you will all agree that today’s race ran well with a brutal and relentless track that was rideable for all.
Thankyou all for your patience and understanding when we had to stop the race to deal with a serious injury.
From ourselves and of course every rider that was there today we wish the injured rider the very best of luck and hope for a speedy recovery. -please
keep us all posted on your progress.
Our medical team ‘countywide’ and of course the attending emergency services did a fantastic job in caring for the injured rider and we certainly take our hats off to the air ambulance pilot who landed that chopper in the middle of the woods !!!
As always it all wouldn’t have been possible without our fantastic team of marshals,medics,timing and the girls at signing on so thankyou all once again.


Overall -Race 1
By Class – Race 1
Overall Race 2
By Class – Race 2
Overall – Race 1 & 2 combined

Photos Here – from John Baker

Photos Here – from Dark Fairy Photography

Photos Here – from Whiskey Throttle Photography

Round 5 – Core Championship – Crediton Enduro X

Results Here

Photos from Dark Fairy Photography – HERE

Round 4 – Core Championship – Rifton Barton




Photos from Bob Ward Here

Photos from Dark Fairy Photography Here


Round 3 – Core Championship – Combe Florey

Results Here

Photos here from Bob Ward

Photos here from Darfairyphotography

Few here from Adrian Harris

Round 2 – Core Championship – Huntsham

Results Here

Photos here

& here

Round 1 – CORE Championship 2019

Results Here

Photos from Bob Ward Here

Photos Here from Leonie

Photos from Jeremy Bowerman Here


Ashcombe Ironman – 2019

Results Here


Rifton Barton – Enduro X Rnd 5 CORE Championship

Race 1   Race 2   Race 3   Overall

Lurley Enduro Sprint – Rnd 4 CORE Championship

Photos here

Provisional Results:-










Combe Florey – Rnd 3 CORE Championship incorporating Rnd 6 SW Enduro Championship 8 July 2018

Results Here    Photos Here

Huntsham Rnd 2 Core Enduro Championship 17 June 2018

Results Here

Twin Oaks Rnd 1 Core Enduro Championship – Fast & Furious!

Great day, good entry, and very little riding on the crops this time. Cheers guys for sticking to the track, it makes our lives so much easier and ensures we get to continue using the venue.

First round of the championship done and dusted.

Race results here

Photos here




What a great day, Ashcombe never disappoints.

Very well done to all who rode today at one of our most gruelling venues of the year. Hats off to all those that finished the Ironman class!

Many thanks to our fantastic team of marshals, medics, signing on and caterers for making it all happen.

Track times were on form as always, providing results within minutes of the finish.

Results here

Photos here

TWIN OAKS -26 Nov 2017. 2 1/2 hour Hare & Hounds.


pics here


Photos from Bob Ward, and race report here in next day or two.

ASHCOMBE – 16 July 2017. Rnd 6 South West Enduro Championship


pics here


HUNTSHAM – 18 June 2017. Rnd 5, South West Enduro Championship


pics here

& here



pics here





Here are the results of the 2016 Core Enduro Championship. Results are calculated on the best 3 out of the 4 rounds. The winner from each class will receive a Michelin 140/80/18 rear tyre, courtesy of Protyre in Exeter.

In addition there are trophies for the top three in each class. Trophies and tyres can be collected at our next event at Crediton Raceway on 6 Novemeber.

Championship Results


Congratulations to our class winners:-

Jamie Paget

Geoff Brigden

James Kiff

Darren Kiff

Jack Twentyman

Marc Hockin

And thanks to all that took part in the championship. Dates and venues for 2017 championship are still being finalised, and will be here soon.







We are running a four round championship that starts with the Ashcombe Ironman in February, then moves on to an Enduro Sprint in March, an Enduro X in May,  and then ends with Ashcombe Hare & Hounds in June.  The points format is as follows:-

1st – 20 points, 2nd -17 points, 3rd – 15 points, 4th -13 points, 5th -11 points, 6th – 10 points, 7th -9 points, 8th – 8 points, 9th – 7 points, 10th – 6 points, 11th – 5 points, 12th – 4 points
13th – 3 points, 14th – 2 points, 15th – 1 point

Three out of the four rounds count towards the final championship positions, meaning riders can choose to miss a round or just drop their lowest score if they compete in all 4 events.

5 February 2017 – Ashcombe Ironman. Results

2 October – Twin Oaks 2 1/2 hour Hare & Hounds. Results

31 July – Ashcombe Rnd 5 SW Enduro Championship. Results

19 June – Huntsham Rnd 4 SW Enduro Championship.  Results

22 May 2016 – Bratton Court. Results

20 March 2016 – Lurley Enduro Sprint.  Results

14 February 2016 – Ashcombe Ironman.     results  laptimes

29 November 2015 – Weston Wake Park Enduro X

27 September 2015 – Twin Oaks Enduro Sprint

2 August 2015 – Howe Town Farm Hare & Hounds – Round 4 South West Enduro Championship.

Results from all of our past events are available from the track times website. Enter site and then select Core from the club list.